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Rose Greter Hartford, MI

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Job Detail on things performed:

 - Leveled & Straightened Barn
- New Layer of Rough Sawn Pine Siding
- Built & Installed Two Doors & Window
- Secured Metal Barn Roof & Painted

Letter of Reference

Dear Sam and Peggy,

We would like to thank you once again for the wonderful work you and your crew did in
helping to "save" our old barn.  We would be more than happy to recommend you to
anyone who is considering restoring their barn.  Please feel free to use this letter as a
testimonial from a satisfied customer.

We had considered our barn to be a big job, the sills had rotted away in most places and one had deteriorated to the point where nothing was holding up the entire southwest
corner of the barn and yet Sam and his crew assured us that this was nothing out of the
ordinary.  When extensive insect damage was discovered, Sam was able to find a solution
that completed the restoration without adding significant cost.  Sam and Peggy answered
our questions patiently and listened to our concerns to be sure that the barn turned out
exactly as we wanted.

After arriving on-site and getting their equipment set up, they began work immediately
and often worked late into the evening.  John and Karl are definitely two of the hardest
working men that we have ever met!  Within a matter of days they had stabilized the
structure and brought the sagging areas back to level.  Throughout the entire restoration
they kept an eye on salvaging as much of the original materials as possible.  They were
able to work some of the salvaged materials into the repaired areas so that at some points
is very difficult to tell that it had ever been touched.  We are impressed with the very
thorough job that you and your crew did - after you had left, we had thought of a few
minor things that we had meant to ask you to do and come to find out that you had
already done them!

Again, thanks you for the fantastic work.

Rich Greter