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Project September 2006

Carolyn Carlisle

Williamston, MI


Before After
Before After
  1. Jacked and Leveled up Lean To
  2. Tuck Pointed Field Stone Foundation
  3. New Siding (Michigan White Pine) on Lean To and South End of the Barn
  4. New Doors, Hardware, Windows & Louvers
  5. Power Washed & Painted Barn Red &Trimmed White

Letter Of Recommendation


Carolyn Carlisle 
 I was left as a single retired women with a turn of the century barn in need of repair.  Having little knowledge of carpentry or restoration I knew that I needed professional help. 

I had watched as a barn in my area had been restored and admired the results.  Therefore I contacted the owner who referred me to Sam Stitt III, of Great Lakes Barn Preservation. 

My initial contact with this restoration team was professional, detailed and yet warm.  It was very apparent this team was filled with passion, dedication, and sense of good business practices. 

As the project began in a timely way the qualities that presented themselves in that early contact with this organization were completely realized.  The workers demonstrated skill, and integrity.  They were friendly and considerate of my personnel concerns throughout the entire restoration experience. 

The preservation of my barns satisfied my greatest expectation and beyond.  I am completely excited about the finished project and would highly recommend Sam Stitt III of Great Lakes Barn Preservation. 

Actual Letter