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Project August 2006

Matt & Monica Schwanitz

Port Austin, MI

This project was published in the newspaper.

Huron Daily Tribune (Restoring a piece of family history)


Before After
  1. Repaired Rotten Beams
  2. Straightened & Reinforced Cement Wall on NE Corner
  3. New Siding (Michigan White Pine)
  4. New Doors with new Period Hinges, Windows & Louvers
  5. Refastened Metal Roof

Matt and Monica Schwanitz

1652 Hunter Road

Port Austin, MI 48467 

September 25, 2006 

Great Lakes Barn Preservation, LLC

Sam and Peggy Stitt

6611 One Mile Road

Hesperia, MI 49421 

Re:  Restoration of our barns 

Dear Sam and Peggy, 

     Thank you for the beautiful barn restoration project.  The process of restoring our barns was very educational.  Thank you for your tireless patience’s in answering all our questions.  From beginning to end, you and you staff worked in a professional manner.  The result was a great job well done that exceeded our expectations.  We really cannot thank you enough.

     We started the project wanting to save our 1885 barn.  The smaller barns were not our interest or focus, they seemed only a liability.  Thank you for your knowledge concerning the 1850 barn, we love it and are thrilled that we saved this piece of history.  It would have been a tragedy to have demolished it.

     Thank you again.  Enjoy the sunflowers! 


Monica and Matt Schwanitz

Actual Letter