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Richard Phillips
Glen, MI

Sept. 15, 2007

Sam & Peggy

Every time I walk to the barn, it makes me smile.
Our barn we built around 1880 and just looking at the before and after pictures, it Is hard to believe it is still the same barn.

The time and patience you took to consider what we wanted, just goes to show you that people do really care. You really know how to treat people. You have one of the hardest working crews.

If we had any questions about anything, no matter how big or how small, you would stop what you were doing and explain it or show us how it was being done.

All the time and effort that everyone put into our barn really made it worthwhile to a have a nice barn. We have waited a long time to have the barn the way we have always wanted it.

You and your crew added many extras to our barn that were unexpected and a great surprise. It kept getting better and better when you added trim, windows, ridge caps, new cables and boosted the roof.

We have had strangers come by and admire and comment on the barn. Some drove by to and from work and watched the progress daily. People still slow down and some stop at the’ end of our driveway. Some have even had stories about when they were young and played in this barn.

Almost every evening my family would all go out to the barn and look at the progress. Then Sam and Peggy would challenge us to a game of horseshoes. Peggy is on tough cookie and very good at the game.

We would like to highly recommend Sam and Peggy Stitt to anyone! They are an exceptional couple with an exceptional crew (John, Greg). We hated to see them go.

Thanks so very, very much,

Mark & Brenda Fletcher

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Replace Sills Where Needed, Sided Entire Barn and Built all New Doors.

Painted Metal Barn Roof