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Bronson, Michigan

MBPN Barn of The Year (www.mibarn.net)

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  • Removed all Metal & Wood Shakes on Roof
  • Removed all Metal on Sidewalls
  • Replaced Roof Boards where needed
  • Replaced all Fascia Boards
  • Repaired or Replaced Structural Beams where needed
  • Installed New Forest Green Metal Roof
  • Installed New White Pine Siding & Battens
  • Tuck Pointed Stones on Foundation
  • Power Washed Barn Structure
  • Built and Installed New Doors and Hardware
  • Installed New Windows
  • Replaced Floor Joists where needed
  • Installed new Flooring in Lofts
  • Installed New Tongue & Groove Siding on Granary and Built and Installed New Door